Drop Oasis is a dubstep dance bar based in Miami, Florida. It was designed around a theremin which is an instrument that changes tones based on proximity. There’s poles on the dance floor that make different music depending on how many people are in the bar that day. It’s meant to be inviting because people can contribute just by being there even if they don’t dance, hence the name “Oasis.” The bar is meant to be a place of positivity where people can get away from negative aspects of their life. The other half “Drop” was from a dance move in voguing called a death drop. The DJs vogue as they play music along with the theremin bars. The concept of sound waves was used as a motif throughout the designs. The sound a theremin makes is similar to synth music which inspired the saturated color palette. Miami itself also has a saturated palette tied to it as well.
Medium - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, traditional inks
The bar area is called the Lilac Lounge. Voguing is a popular dance in the LGBT community so the Lilac part is another nod to them. In 1892, poet Oscar Wilde encouraged wearing green roses on lapels so gay men could find each other. The lilac flower is meant to be a symbol that everyone can be united under. The Lilac Lounge serves finger foods and drinks in pouches to discourage drink spiking.
Graphic Design

Bartender uniforms

Main Logo
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