Georgina’s Garden is an eclectic bistro based on Mediterranean cuisine. Each part of the menu features a different country so customers can let their taste buds travel so they don’t have to. The starters are Greek, the entrees are Spanish, the desserts are French, and the drinks are Egyptian. 
It is a family owned restaurant founded by a Greek woman named Georgina Selinofoto. She opened up shop when she noticed the scarcity of vegetables in American diets. The majority of the menu has vegetarian options with a small handful for the meat lovers. 
The various patterns were inspired by the tile work and ceramics in the Mediterranean. The shape of the menu itself was based on a vegetable dish called a briam which contains a variety of sliced vegetables. Each section of the menu is rounded and offset to mimic the stacked slices in the meal.
Medium - Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, watercolor paint
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