These posters were made to highlight the current housing crisis in the United States. Homes aren't being built as often as they used to be. In some areas, zoning laws prevent anything more than a single family units to be built. Companies have put their hands into the pot to buy up homes and rent them out at market rates, leaving few left for people to actually own for themselves. One Toronto based company markets this as a good thing since they are able to “rent out the American Dream.” But since there is a shortage, the increased demand pushes the prices higher and higher. 
People in search of homes are depicted as blue mice to represent blue collar workers. They are stuck in a hamster wheel of problems that set them back from their goals. While home ownership is not impossible, the number of obstacles in the way makes it feel just out of reach. A hand dangling what they all want holds it further away than what they can manage. These were done in a cartoon style to be reminiscent of old political cartoons.
Medium - Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, traditional illustration.
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